Lone Owl Studio is the incredible brand that today’s lovely guest, Sarah Woollen has created. It’s a clothing and personalised gift brand that creates products that are proudly vegan and free of any animal-derived materials and adhesives (right down to the recyclable packaging). And also donates monthly to animal charities too!

In this episode we chat about:

→ The book that helped Sarah jump from her marketing manager position in to the full-time business owner

→ The challenges she faced whilst creating her brand, including the worries around the community she wants to be apart of

→ Why she loves running a small business

→ How she first got into collaborating with other business owners and some tips if that’s something you’d like to do

→ Her opinion on Etsy, from an Etsy seller

And so much more.

If you’re a small business owner, I think you’ll gain a lot from listening to Sarah chat about her fabulous business. It just goes to show that sometimes when we think we’re not doing okay, or we should be doing a certain way – we’re not alone.

Make sure you pop and give Sarah a follow on Instagram and check out her personalised products too – I’d personally recommend them, the quality is insanely good!

Find Sarah: Lone Owl Studio Website | Instagram