Emily Mumford is the brains behind the fabulous brand that is Inkpot & Press. The copywriting pro is a countryside-dwelling, English graduate with over 15 years of copywriting experience.

She clearly has a passion for helping value-led brands level up their words across all digital platforms. Whether it’s a sales page, product descriptions or Instagram captions you need help with, Em is your girl!

In this episode we chat about;

→ Emily’s background and how she became such a fabulous copywriter

→ A brief (potentially controversial) rant about the new ‘lockdown’ social media managers

→ If you’re struggling with selling and feeling ‘icky’, how copy writing is the easiest way to inject some commerciality

→ How and why to evoke emotion

→ Em shares a bloody brilliant analogy – ‘the drinks party’

→ She does a live critique of my Instagram bio and gives you a simple template to follow to make yours the best it can be.

I’m pretty miffed that the audio isn’t the best it could possibly be during this episode, but it was too good to throw away. I hope you find great value in it – if you do make sure you leave a review or screenshot and share to your Instagram Stories and tag myself (@LornaScullyUK) and Emily too!

Find Emily: Inkpot & Press Website | Instagram