From not knowing what you want to do with your life, to making hard decisions and going against the ‘norm’ after university and taking a punt on yourself, that basically sums up the lovely Maddy!

Maddy Russell, the founder of Paiv Creative, the branding designer who is on a mission to build brands that feel like home has a story that doesn’t sound like everyone else’s. When I asked Maddy to be a guest on the podcast it was because I was very aware of her work, especially for the likes of SheCanSheDid and The Parent Education Company. And in our pre-recording call, we chatted about the topic we could discuss.

Having heard how she got to where she is, not following the status quo after university, sitting I those rooms and being told that she literally needed to be louder, to change herself to be successful, she said hell no to that and created a business that works for her.

She attributes a lot of her success to simply knowing what was and wasn’t for her. Clarity, such a powerful thing!

I absolute loved chatting the Maddy and I hope you can resonate with her story. And as cliché as they may have seemed, be sure to check out what would Maddy of 2021 say to Maddy from 3 years ago Рall stellar advice!

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