It’s your second episode in the Tough Love Tuesday series, the monthly collaboration with Liane aka. The Content Creator.

Once a month, we’re going to be sharing our (and yours) gripes which we think some people just need to hear. We’re officially dishing out the tough love.

In this episode of TLT, we’re talking about the icks and irks of webinars. From the overpromises, the over pretentious titles & the misinformation, all the way to the format of the webinars and pricing.

We talk about;

  • why we think people host webinars in the first place
  • what we think you should do instead if you’re going to host your own webinars
  • what do look out for as a consumer who is looking at signing up for these webinars


We’d love to get your take on the subject, so please do drop us a DM on Instagram to let us know your thoughts & feedback!

**The audio isn’t the best, I apologise for this. However, as mentioned in my Season 2 announcement, I’ve decided to upload the completely authentic version of this episode – they’re not edited. We tried a certain piece of software and will be switching to provide better sound moving forward.

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