Digital Marketing

1:1 Power Hour

Are you spending lots of time online trying to promote your business and you’re not yet making the sales you want?

What’s included in a Power Hour?

✔️ An hour focusing on your one, current digital marketing or ecommerce challenge

✔️ One hour of my undivided attention, 9 years of experience in marketing & ecommerce to pick my brain in a way that will benefit your business

✔️ A recording of our call along with any additional notes I take during our time together

✔️ A handy questionnaire that will help me get to know you, your business and your goals, helping me with my research before our call

It’s okay if you need a helping hand.

Why work with a digital marketing consultant?

When you’re working alone, or even if you have a small team, social media, email marketing, Facebook Ads – it can all feel pretty overwhelming. Most small business owners, side-hustlers and freelancers don’t have the budget to hire someone to do it for them. They struggle. It’s normal.

It’s normal to feel a little lost and overwhelmed, wanting to handle all the things.

You might just need a helping hand, a supporting friendly-face or that reassuring advice from someone that knows what they’re talking about.

Enter the digital marketing consultant (aka me!)

There is no one size fits all plan or strategy. You can ask all the questions in all the Facebook groups and you’re going to get mixed messages and still feel just as confused.

Let’s focus on your business, your products, your goals and get you some clarity.

Through a one hour call we can work on one of many topics (see list of examples below). As your digital marketing consultant, I’m in your corner. I want you to win. So don’t think you’re asking a silly question, there’s no such thing!

We don’t know what we don’t know until someone tells us.

Topics we can cover


Email Marketing

Social Media

How much does it cost?



Please note: I only open a few spaces per month.

Some ways previous clients have used a Power Hour

Improved Marketing Results with Digital Consultancy - Lorna Scully

Laura had a power to get some help with understanding her analytics, what she should be tracking and what good, better and best looked like for her.

Solving Puzzles with a digital marketing consultant

Beth wanted to save time by understanding how she could use tools to make her marketing quick and simple, leaving time to actually run her business. 

Solving Puzzles with a digital marketing consultant

Heather used hers to put together the puzzle of which channels were best suited to her business, audience and the time and resource she has.

Get Clarity working with a digital marketing coach

Helen wanted clarity on what emails she should be sending and when & how to utilise automations that would result in more sales.

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"Lorna is a font of knowledge when it comes to all things digital. My fledgling business would be nowhere without Lorna and her vast experience. It’s important to say that I am an absolute novice at all of this, and Lorna has made it easy for me to understand what I need to do and when. No question was too big or too daft - she has never made me feel inadequate or stupid. This lady rocks.

Emma Burgess, Craft Ecommerce

"All I can say is WOW!! It was by far much more than I expected. I anticipated a word document with some advice on what I am doing right and what I can do to improve. But the document I have received is just beyond that. You really have taken your time to go through the finer details of my social media and have then given me some amazing suggestions to get started on. I literally can’t thank you enough!!"

Hayley Tyler, Hair & Beauty

"Lorna is the best!!! She is professional, knowledgeable and on the ball. Lorna seemed to understand my business totally after her thorough research and knew how to convey her knowledge to me in a way I found understandable and at a pace I could keep up with. I felt fully supported in what I am trying to achieve within my business and I was left positively buzzing to crack on with my plans. I can’t recommend Lorna enough! Thank you x"

– Kirsty Robson, Pet Portrait Artist