You have been pushing email marketing to the bottom of your list for the longest time because you don’t know what to send, when it’s best to send them or how to just get into the groove with being consistent.

Well fear no more, Get Emails Done is just for you.

You’ve got as far as creating an account on an email service provider, but eh, now what?!

You don’t have to try and muddle through alone. Let’s start creating real plans that drive real results aka. sales and money in to your business but in a non-icky way, shall we?

You’ve downloaded 17 freebies that give you ideas but you’re just not quite there when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident in writing that email and hitting send.

But wouldn’t you just LOVE to know how you still get sales and hear that cha-ching without feeling like you spend your days on Instagram.

Don’t be like Phoebe Buffay and not even have a ‘PLA‘. It’s time to plan pal. And we’re all going to do it together, holding each other accountable so that you show up and do the work that will get you to those big scary goals. Because you deserve them, but it’s going to take a bit of work.

Get Emails Done is a 4-week accountability programme that will leave you full of confidence to hit send & make money throughout your Christmas campaign and beyond.

The average roi for email marketing is £35.41 for every £1 spent!

Okay Lorn, but what do I actually get?

→ The confidence to know what you’re sending will drive real results.

→ A solid plan that you can repurpose time and time again so you never run out of ideas again.

→ 4 x 1-hour weekly virtual coworking sessions on Tuesdays at 12pm, on Zoom with a whole bunch of other business owners that get it.

→ A dedicated hour each week that’s booked in your calendar to show up and create your emails. Consisting of a 15 minute Q&A and 45 minutes of working time.

→ A calendar with key dates for Q4 (Oct-Dec) and prompts on what emails to send and when to send them to increase your sales.

→ God knows how many hours back from not aimlessly scrolling anymore!

Ginger Lady Lorna Scully Pointing to post it notes on wall about email marketing

It’s no secret what accountability has done for my business. And I have no doubt that it can produce incredible results for you too.

It’s one thing to want to do something, to have that feeling that you ‘should‘ be doing that thing. But when you tell someone else and they hold you to it – you really start to get shit done.

Are you sick of hearing your own excuses? Of letting yourself get so frustrated, not know what to write that you just end up writing nothing?

I started to see a pattern in the people I was working with. They started having lightbulb moments, it’s finally starting to click that it’s not rocket science and that they can do this.

But something was stopping them. They weren’t taking the action.

That’s where Get Emails Done comes in. Once you commit to it, you’re in. You’re going to show up and do the work, no excuses. And I’ll be there to hold your hand through it too.

Email marketing isn’t dead. It’s time to plan your emails, write and schedule your emails and make some sales from them. And we’ll all do it together and keep each other accountable.

Lorna Scully Email Marketing Expert

So how does it work exactly?

→ The tickets will go on sale on Monday 2nd August until Friday 6th August

→ Once you’ve purchased a ticket you’ll be sent an email with the documents we’ll be working through. This will include key dates for Q4 (Oct-Dec) plus some tips on what emails to send when etc.

→ We’ll then meet on Zoom each Tuesday at 12pm from 10th August for four weeks. 

→ The first 15 minutes of our call will be a Q&A where you ask me any of your questions relating to the prompts & calendar that has been provided.

→ The next 45 minutes will be spent with us all working together virtually. This is your time to spend on your marketing emails. What’s important is that you show up, block that time and take action.

Please note: This is all about accountability. By purchasing a ticket, you’re committing to showing up each week. If you do not attend the calls/or do the work, I will not take responsibility for you not getting the results. If you miss a call (without giving me prior notice) I will remove you from future calls and will not be refunding you.

Tough love, but I only want business owners who are serious and committed to working on this programme.

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Get Emails Done

One-hour on Zoom for 4 consecutive Tuesdays throughout August at 12pm

You know that email marketing can and will work for your business, but it’s never a priority for you. You keep pushing it to the bottom of your to-do list. Well not anymore. Here’s the coworking & accountability group programme you never knew that you needed, until now.


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