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Digital Discussions: Unfiltered is the podcast designed to make all of ’that digital stuff’ 100 times easier for you. It’s the conversational business marketing podcast that you never knew you needed!

Each week I answer your bug bearing questions through to-the-point solo shows, insightful conversations with experts, and also fascinating conversations with YOU – the fabulous small business owners willing to share their journeys and challenges.

Between me and my guests, we cover topics from all things email marketing, running Facebook Ads, how to do SEO & Social Media all the way to how to make your website work harder for you and so much more! Expect short, to the point episodes that don’t just cover the WHAT to do and WHY to do it, but also the HOW to do it too. Plus, there will always be some kind of action point at the end of the episode for you to take away and DO.

Because we don’t move forward, we don’t grow our business without ACTION! 
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In this episode, I speak to the lovely Emma Buchan who is a transformation coach after having been there and done it herself and now helps others gain more confidence and self-belief in themselves and their abilities. And today’s she’s going to chat to us all about mindfulness, why it’s important and how we can...
One of the most common questions I get is ‘Which platform is best’? And now, I’ll be upfront, you might not like my answer. BUT, in this episode, I share some personal opinions (yes we all have them!) about at least 5 different Email Service Providers (ESPs), the pros and cons of each including pricing...
In today’s episode, I talk about how you can start using segmentation within your email campaigns. It’s pretty important. 89% of business currently do not use segmentation within their email strategy and that’s crazy! I cover what segmentation is, why it’s important and some examples of how it could drive some real results for your...
Emily Mumford Inkpot And Press Copywriting | Digital Discussions Unfiltered
Emily Mumford is the brains behind the fabulous brand that is Inkpot & Press. The copywriting pro is a countryside-dwelling, English graduate with over 15 years of copywriting experience. She clearly has a passion for helping value-led brands level up their words across all digital platforms. Whether it’s a sales page, product descriptions or Instagram...
Behind The Scenes of Small Business Lone Owl Studio with Sarah Woollen
Lone Owl Studio is the incredible brand that today’s lovely guest, Sarah Woollen has created. It’s a clothing and personalised gift brand that creates products that are proudly vegan and free of any animal-derived materials and adhesives (right down to the recyclable packaging). And also donates monthly to animal charities too! In this episode we...
SEO & Shopify with Liane Abrams The Content Creator
When you first start out in business, sometimes we just have to get things done, right? None of us knows everything. Or do everything we’re ‘supposed’ to do. SEO is generally one of those things. In today’s episode, I invited my pal Liane Abrams aka. The Content Creator to come and give us the DL...

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