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1pm, Tuesday 6th July 2021

Email Marketing for product businesses can be lucrative – it’s incredibly underused! Want to know how to make more sales? Join me for this 90 minute workshop and let’s get your email marketing making you money!

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You keep seeing everyone online telling you that you must have an email list. Maybe you've even started one.

But now what?

If you're an ecommerce business and you're not currently utilising email marketing to bring consistent sales in to your business, you could be seriously missing out.

Did you know, email marketing ROI is now £35:£1. That means for every £1 you spend on it, you should be getting £35 in revenue back! Tell me another channel that does that? It's certainly not Facebook or Instagram!

And the 3 most common hold ups (or excuses) most small businesses come to me about email marketing are:

  1. Don't have the time to send emails
  2. I just don't know where to start because it feels a little confusing
  3. Don't know what to send

If ANY of these sound like you, this workshop has been built FOR YOU!

During this 90 minute online workshop we will be working through:

  • How to create a list
  • How to get subscribers on to your list
  • Getting started with automations
  • Segmentation - what is it and why is it important
  • What emails to send and when to send them
  • Subject lines & content
  • Reviewing your analytics

If you would like to:

  • grow an email list of potential customers that you'll be in full control over and you'll never wake up one day and they're gone (like some social media channels)
  • make money while you're not working, maybe you're cooking your dinner or out walking the dog
  • not worry about what messages to send and sending them to the wrong people and pissing them off
  • learn what all the numbers and metrics mean and how they can literally change how you drive revenue in your business
  • stop wasting countless hours scrolling through social media, planning content and trying to think of new inventive ways to get sales

Then this workshop is likely for you.

But please be warned, to get the results you desire, that my other clients have seen, you do have to do the work. This is not a quick fix or get rich quick scheme, this is an online workshop that will teach you how businesses around the world can drive up to 30% of their entire revenue through email marketing.

Please note: this online workshop is held on Zoom. The invite link will be included in your order confirmation email, please keep this safe.

1 review for Email For Ecommerce Online Workshop

  1. Janine (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this workshop! Lorna covered so much, it really was a one stop shop from beginning to end of email marketing. Would highly recommend, especially if you’ve not ventured into email marketing yet and would like to nail the basics right first time!

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