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This is the place for small creative business owners who want to grow their business without the stress and overwhelm of marketing their business online, who are trying to do all the things. You don’t have to do it alone! It’s time to  level up!

Are you ready to get more sales, develop your brand and make an impact on the world in a way that feels good to you?

Digital Marketing Coach - Lorna Scully

The no BS digital marketing advice that actually works.



How I can help


→ You feel overwhelmed when you think about where to start marketing your business online.

→ You feel like you just can’t find the time to do all the things, and feel like you’re constantly competiting with an over saturated market.

→ You have created a business that you love but after all the downloads you’ve signed up for and courses you’ve bought you just can’t seem to find the thing that works.

→ You post on social media but you have no idea if it’s the right thing or wrong thing and you don’t know how to do it consistently.

→ You’ve even tried to boost some posts on Facebook or Instagram, but pfft, they don’t work. It’s probably the algorithms fault!

Now can you imagine

→ Waking up in the morning to sales on your website & money in your account

→ Knowing exactly what to post on social media, what content to create & seeing that what you’re doing is ACTUALLY bringing in results

→ Not having to guess what will bring your target audience to your website and how to convert them in to paying customers

→ Spending less time guessing & googling and more time doing the thing you LOVE, selling the products you love creating

→ Understanding how to build relationships with your ideal customers and promote my business in a natural, comfortable way

→ Having a clear, step-by-step roadmap starting where you’re at right now to smashing your big, scary goals and beyond!

Previous Clients

Who I’ve worked with

"Lorna's knowledge around ecommerce and email marketing is second to none. She helped us put together multiple automated programmes that now drive over 20% of our revenue!"

James Davis

"I approached Lorna for SEO help and I’m very happy! Lorna has almost doubled traffic to our website in just a couple of months & helped grow our business massively!"

Stephanie Rawson

"It's a pleasure working with Lorna. She took the time to understand my business and the goals I have. She then helped me to understand specific strategies that could help me achieve those goals. Thanks so much.

Catherine Shaw


It’s so nice to meet you!

I’m a twenty-something year old with a love for all things digital marketing. Having spent the last 9 years working across many industries during my career, I have learnt a lot of lessons.

Lessons that I would like to pass on to small business owners just like you. So you don’t have to make the same costly mistakes that I did!

I’m passionate about growing small businesses online, and want to help you master the wild and wonderful world that is digital marketing.  I can help you build the successful, sustainable online business that you dream about.


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